Willamette Home Tour Concert

Details for our performance with Willamette tomorrow:

1) arrive at 6 pm in FAW 157 – it’s in Smith Music Building, on the left of Rodgers where we’ll be singing.
2) concert attire including choir robe
3) bring music “I Sing Because I’m Happy” and black folder
4) at 6:20 we will go over to Rodgers Hall and run through “I Sing” with Willamette.

Order of the concert will be:

  • Willamette Singers
  • Silverton High School
  • Sprague High School
  • Willamette Chamber Choir

The concert should be over by 9 or so – it is expected that we will stay for the entire program. Our portion of the program will consist of:

  • La Battaglia
  • British Grenadiers
  • Meine Seele
  • One Sweet Little Baby

Looking forward to performing with you!
Dr. Brown

All City Choir Participants!

Congratulations to all who auditioned for the All City Choir – I am proud of every one of you! Special recognition to those who were selected for the choir:

Aiben Hirschfelder Alternate Bass 2
Joseph Bird Alternate Tenor 1
Sarah Linder Alto 2
Branden DeLange Bass 2
James Nelson Bass 2
Griffon Singleton Bass 2
Natalie Koletar Soprano 1
Emma Tiffany Soprano 1
Ayiesha Chang Soprano 2
Shion Cook Soprano 2
Benjamin Whitson Tenor 2

All-City Honor Choir

All-City Honor Choir Auditions are January 15, 2019 at South Salem HS.   The audition is FREE and students that are accepted into the group will then pay a $20 fee to participate. CLICK HERE to register to audition.  Registration will close January 8th.  We will accept walk ups but they will not be guaranteed an audition time.

If selected, you must commit to the following schedule:

Tues. Jan. 154:30 – 8:30 PMLive AuditionsSouth Salem HS
Wed. Jan. 303:45 – 6:00 PMPrep RehearsalSouth Salem HS
Wed.  Feb. 6      3:45 – 6:00 PMPrep RehearsalSouth Salem HS
Wed.  Feb. 133:45 – 6:00 PM                  Prep RehearsalSouth Salem HS                     
Wed. Feb. 203:45 – 6:00 PM                       Prep RehearsalSouth Salem HS
Thurs. Feb.  21                        6:00 – 9:00 PM w/ ClinicianNorth Salem HS
Fri. Feb.  228:00 – 3:00 PM w/ ClinicianNorth Salem HS
Sat. Feb. 239:00 – 3:00 PMDress RehearsalNorth Salem HS
Sat. Feb. 237:00 PM (6:00   CALL)Performance                                 North Salem HS                       

Leading up to the audition, we will hold a number of audition workshops to prepare for the audition.  Below you will find the audition materials listed in steps:

Step 1: Scales – Auditioners will sing a low scale and a high scale. CLICK HERE for the list of scales for each voice part

Step 2: Prepared Excerpt – Auditioners will prepare m. 83-120 of “Domine, ad adjuvandum me festina,” by, G.B. Martini. Below you will find a link to the sheet music for this excerpt and the accompaniment track that will be used in the audition (start the track at 4:00 to have the same lead in that will be played in the audition)

Audition Day Instructions

Audition Times

Audition Scales

Audition Excerpt 

Audition Accompaniment Track (START IT AT 4)

Past Sight Reading Examples

Step 3: Sight-Reading – Auditioners will sight-read a 4 measure exercise, in major tonality and given 20 seconds of practice time before singing it for a score.

2018 – 2019 Framework Auditions

For those singers who are interested, the award-winning vocal jazz group Framework announces auditions for the 2018 school year. Auditions will be held on Tuesday, May 22 from 2:30 until finished.

The audition will consist of:

  1. Solo Song – “Almost Like Being in Love”. Participants are encouraged to use the link provided as well as any other sources to get an idea of appropriate jazz tone and style. Improvisation is encouraged.
  2. Ensemble Song – “And So It Goes”. This is a piece that Framework is currently singing and participants are asked to memorize measures 21-32 of any part they wish to audition for and be prepared to sing their parts in various combinations of current members and auditioners.

Solos will be done first and then the ensemble singing.

You are welcome to ask the current members of the group to help you as you prepare.