Choir Auditions for 2019-2020

Choir auditions for the 2019 – 2020 school year have now been scheduled! These auditions are for all choirs with the exception of Framework (please see the announcement on the webpage). Any student who has successfully completed at least one semester of any choir may audition for placement in a choir of their choosing. Here are the audition dates and requirements:

  1. Current Concert Choir members only – each returning member must go through an audition to be considered for the following year. Auditions for returning CC members will take place May 28-31 from 2:30 – 4:30 each day. Students seeking an audition must use the Charms calendar and/or this link provided to schedule an individual audition time. No exceptions! Each student should come prepared to do the following:
  2. All other choir members – auditions will be held during class time from May 30 – June 7. Students will audition in alphabetical order individually in my office.
  • Sing a short solo of your choosing – this can be a folk song, art song, patriotic, musical theater, etc. I encourage students to stay away from popular music for this audition.
  • Identify 2-3 key signatures and give reasons for your choices.
  • Sightsinging – level 3 on SightReading
  • Rhythm reading – level 3 on SRF
  • have a short discussion that allows you to grade your effort and progress in choir this past year and assess where you feel you will be best served next year.

Students interested in practicing/preparing for their audition ahead of time can use the following resources:

  1. Sightsinging – here is a set of examples that you can use to practice
    1. Sightsinging 1
    2. Sightsinging 2
  2. Rhythm reading

The first consideration for placement in choir at Sprague is how is the student best served. I hope that your preparation and audition are enjoyable parts of your work in the Sprague Choir program.

2019-2020 Framework Auditions

For those singers who are interested, the award-winning vocal jazz group Framework announces auditions for the 2018 school year. Auditions will be held on Tuesday, May 21 from 2:30 until finished.

The audition will consist of:

  1. Solo Song – “Almost Like Being in Love”. Participants are encouraged to use the link provided as well as any other sources to get an idea of appropriate jazz tone and style. Improvisation is encouraged.
  2. Ensemble Song – “The Nearness of You”. This is a piece that Framework is currently singing and participants are asked to memorize measures 21-32 of any part they wish to audition for and be prepared to sing their parts in various combinations of current members and auditioners.

Solos will be done first and then the ensemble singing.

You are welcome and encouraged to ask the current members of the group to help you as you prepare.