Willamette Home Tour Concert

Details for our performance with Willamette tomorrow:

1) arrive at 6 pm in FAW 157 – it’s in Smith Music Building, on the left of Rodgers where we’ll be singing.
2) concert attire including choir robe
3) bring music “I Sing Because I’m Happy” and black folder
4) at 6:20 we will go over to Rodgers Hall and run through “I Sing” with Willamette.

Order of the concert will be:

  • Willamette Singers
  • Silverton High School
  • Sprague High School
  • Willamette Chamber Choir

The concert should be over by 9 or so – it is expected that we will stay for the entire program. Our portion of the program will consist of:

  • La Battaglia
  • British Grenadiers
  • Meine Seele
  • One Sweet Little Baby

Looking forward to performing with you!
Dr. Brown

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