FW 2017-2018 Selected

After a great round of auditions the members of FW for 2017-2018 have been selected. Thanks to all for your hard work preparing!

All members, please download a copy of The Star Spangled Banner and learn it over the summer. You will need to have it memorized by the first day of school.

Saffron Cooper
Miranda Clark
Cuylie Johnson
Chauncey Koulibali
Maddie Tallan
Spencer Plant
Daniel King
Tyler Post
James Nelson
Brandon DeLange
Anna Heslinga
Ryan Tornberg
Natalie North
Katee Eller
Ellie Warner
Brianna Herb
Maddie Hanes
Canen Johnson
Damon Zavala
Bentley Cook

AWC Says “Goodbye”

AWC is saying “goodbye” to our wonderful student teacher, Brooke Brooks. Regarding her time with AWC Mrs. Brooks stated that “I have enjoyed working with such a talented, committed group of young ladies”.

Mrs. Brooks will continue to teach in the district and we look forward to hearing great things from her.


Choir Council Elected

Congratulations! The Choir Council for 2016-2017 has been chosen. They are:

  • Damon Zavala – President
  • Ellie Warner – Senior Rep
  • Miranda Clark – Senior Rep
  • Aidan Crockett – Senior Rep
  • Daniel King – Senior Rep
  • James Nelson – Junior Rep
  • Macey Smith – Junior Rep

Section Leaders in Concert Choir:

  • Maddelyn Hanes – Sopranos
  • Chauncey Koulibali – Altos
  • Daman Zavala – Tenors
  • Tyler Post – Basses