Men’s and Women’s Choirs to perform!

Just a reminder for the upcoming concert on Tuesday this week for Men’s and Women’s Choirs –
– 5:55 pm – meet in auditorium at North High School, concert attire and robe please
– 6:00 pm – warm up on stage
– 7 pm – concert begins
– 8:30 (approx) concert ends

We hope that you will be able to support your student by attending this concert! They have worked very hard and are eager to show you what they have accomplished. There is NO charge for the concert!

Dr. Brown

3 thoughts on “Men’s and Women’s Choirs to perform!

  1. I was at your school the weekend of 5.6.17 for the bus rodeo and was blessed to have the chance to hear the choir sing one of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard. It sounded like an Italian ballad and I wish I had my phone to record the performance… outstanding


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