Men’s and Women’s Choirs to perform!

Just a reminder for the upcoming concert on Tuesday this week for Men’s and Women’s Choirs –
– 5:55 pm – meet in auditorium at North High School, concert attire and robe please
– 6:00 pm – warm up on stage
– 7 pm – concert begins
– 8:30 (approx) concert ends

We hope that you will be able to support your student by attending this concert! They have worked very hard and are eager to show you what they have accomplished. There is NO charge for the concert!

Dr. Brown

Last week of State prep!

Hi all! I hope everyone had fun with Prom this weekend! Some of the pictures I saw looked great!

I wanted to remind everyone that this is our last week before State! All of the music should be memorized for Monday’s rehearsal – plan on some quartet checks! In addition, as indicated on the calendar, we will have an evening rehearsal on Monday, then early bird rehearsals Tuesday-Friday. NO early bird on Monday!

Finally, I would encourage each of you to listen to the recordings of Trauergesang and Kwa Wote Upendo that can be found on the choir website. They will inspire you as you seek to bring out your best!

Looking forward to a great week!

Dr. Brown

State Choir Itinerary

We have received our performance times for State and now have an itinerary for the day as follows:

11:30 – arrive at Sprague for rehearsal/warm up. Arrive having eaten lunch and bring concert attire and some food for later on in the day.
1:00 – change into concert attire, get robes
1:30 – board buses and depart for George Fox University
2:30 – arrive at GF
3:00 – Listen to McNary High School
3:20 – Assemble outside to move to warm up space
3:40 – Warm up
4:00 – Performance
4:20 – Sight Reading
4:40 – 6:40 – Listen to performances
7:00 pm – Awards
7:30 – load buses, return to Sprague
8:30 – after party at Cook home, 333 Silver Hills Circle

Parents, if you are planning on attending this event will you please let me know? If you are planning to take your student home with you I need to know that as well.

Looking forward to a great day of choral singing!

Dr. Brown