2017-2018 Choir Auditions!

Auditions for AWC and Concert Choir for 2017-2018 will take place April 17-21. The following gives some instructions and help on three important topics relative to the audition:
I) instructions for using Sign Up Genius to secure an audition time
II) Instructions for completing the Google form to register you for the audition
III) materials for sight singing practice.

Remember, EVERYONE must audition for placement in these groups – this includes returning members!

As always, communicate with me with any questions or concerns. Best wishes for a great audition!

Dr. Brown

Use the following documents in order to audition for choir.
I. Please use the following button to sign up for a time for the first round of choir auditions.
1. Click the button
2. On the next page find a time that is convenient for you during audition week and check the box labeled “Sign Up” then click the “Submit and Sign up” button at the bottom of the page.
3. Type in your name in the box that has your chosen appointment.
4. If you wish to register for a Sign Up Genius account,(not required) you may fill in the requested information. If not, just click “Sign Up Now”.
5. Your audition appointment is now reserved.

Sign Up Now!

II. Use the following form to complete personal information to be used for your audition.
Registration form for Choir Audition

III. Sight Reading Practice – the following are links to some practice sight reading examples. Good luck!

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