Adopt a Robe!

The Choir Boosters are raising funds to be able to purchase brand new choir robes! To do this, we have launched an “Adopt a Robe” campaign. For the minimal cost of $150 you can be a part of the history of the Sprague Choir Program! Donors will have their/family name on a tag that will be sewn permanently into the robe. Every time the robe is used, that gift will be remembered and appreciated.

You can participate in this campaign by getting in touch with Marge’ Cook, our Booster President. We need to raise $14,000! Join the campaign!

Holiday Concert – Finally!

The Sprague Choirs were able to launch their 2016 Holiday Concert – in 2017. On Friday, January 13th, Sprague was able to perform their much anticipated Holiday Concert that was cancelled in December due to snow.

Each of the choirs performed beautifully and enjoyed the performance. Particular thanks goes to the Sprague Camerata for performing Lullaby with the entire choral union! Thanks as well to the wonderful folks at Morningstar Community Church for their willingness to work with the crazy schedule this year!